Thimmarusu- SR Kalyanamadapam-PaagalTelugu film industry got the big boost in August with the success of SR Kalyana Mandapam at the box office. Except for Raja Raja Chora, no film really worked. Even Raja Raja Chora has underperformed when compared to its Talk.

The last releases of August – Sridevi Soda Center and Ichata Vahanamulu Nilupa Radu have disappointed big time. The first Releases of September – Dear Megha and Nootokka Jillala Andagadu are even horrible. There were instances of shows getting canceled on Saturday and Sunday.

Like how it is in theaters, Telugu OTT space is also boring. SR Kalyana Mandapam, Paagal, Thimmarusu are the new releases on OTT. Except for Thimmarusu, no other film failed to appeal to the audience. Thimmarusu has limited reach because of its streaming partner, Netflix.

SR Kalyana Mandapam which did well in the theaters due its songs failed to get good reviews from OTT audience. So, the OTT space is also boring just like how it is in the theaters. So all eyes are on Tuck Jagadish and Maestro – the Direct-to-OTT releases.

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