Telugu Media Takes Revenge On Allu Arjun's BehalfFor the unversed, Allu Arjun faced a peculiar situation of sorts when he was busy with Pushpa’s promotional tour. When Allu Arjun was promoting Pushpa in Bengaluru, incidentally, he arrived late to a Kannada press meet. Kannada media questioned him why he was an hour or so late to event.

This isn’t a scenario a star hero usually faces, but Allu Arjun maintained his composure and apologized to the media personnel, saying it wasn’t intentional. Now, KGF 2 hero, Yash faced a very similar situation as he came to Vizag as a part of KGF 2‘s promotions.

Upon Yash’s arrival at the press meet a short while ago, Telugu media said “You are an hour and a half late to the event. The event was scheduled at 11 AM and you are here at 12:30”

Yash was quick to respond as he said “I am extremely sorry sir. I am not aware of it. I am here as per the schedule planned by the team. There might have been some delay due to logistical reasons as we are using private flights. I know the value of time. I sincerely apologize for wasting your time.”

Yash handled the situation well and his Telugu looks decent as well. His response is also strikingly similar to that of Allu Arjun’s when the latter was questioned by the Kannada media.

Now, Telugu crowd on social media is saying that Telugu media took revenge on KGF 2 hero, on behalf of Allu Arjun, who faced a very similar situation in Bengaluru last December. “Idedo revege la unde(This appears to be a revenge plot)” a netizen commented as he implied the same.