Akhil AkkineniAkhil Akkineni is right now busy promoting his latest film, Agent, which is going to release this Friday. The film is the most crucial and important film of his career which will decide the trajectory of his career in the film industry.

Akhil never interacted much with the media or his fans before and hence many assumed him to be a moody guy with a lot of attitude. But now that he is talking and interacting during the promotions of Agent, his real persona has been revealed. Perhaps his nearing 30s and the tough lessons he learned from his failures contributed to this change.

Akhil comes as someone who is calm, quiet, and rational. He is down-to-earth and doesn’t have qualms that he is a star or the son of a star hero. He is quite relatable and simple with a lot of clarity in his thoughts and actions.

Let’s hope Agent turns out to be a ‘wild’ success at the box office despite all the ‘last minute delays’ for Akhil who has been waiting for that one big elusive hit since his debut in 2015.

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