Telugu Makers incompetent for Kamal Haasan? Kamal Haasan has three films lined up for release. But when did he last do a straight Telugu movie? Multistarrer ‘Eenadu’ alongside Venkatesh in 2009 produced by Kamal Haasan himself. Prior to ‘Eenadu’, Kamal’s previous movie ‘Shubha Sankalpam’ was way back in 1995 directed by K.Vishwanath and produced by SP.Balasubramanyam.

That means only two films in two decades. Though Kamal Haasan is repeatedly expressing his interest to do a straight Telugu film, sadly no film maker approached Kamal for a Telugu movie. In the concluding episode of Nag’s ‘MEK’ and also during various press meets, Kamal is asking for a straight Telugu movie story. But no response from Telugu directors.

Does it mean that our Telugu film makers are incompetent to come up with a story befitting Kamal Haasan’s stature? Kalatapasvi Vishwanath is the only film maker who did maximum number of movies with Kamal Haasan in Telugu. Who is there to pass over the baton? As long as Kamal Haasan gets a straight Telugu film story, such questions keep haunting cine lovers who really want meaningful films with exremely talented actors like Kamal Haasan.