Sharmila Kevvu Keka

Actress Sharmila Mandre has been known for her fluency with languages, most notably her easy shuffle between speaking good Kannada and Tamil. More recently, the reputed actress is learning Telugu for her upcoming film Kevvu Keka, where she is playing the lead along with Allari Naresh.

In this context Sharmila says, “I am good at languages and love learning new languages. But Telugu is one language that I find pretty difficult. Though the script for Kannada and Telugu is the same, the vocal part is completely different. Whenever I am at the sets, I feel like an alien since I don’t know the language at all.”

Sharmila also appreciates the efforts of the crew in helping her grasp the new language. “People here are so warm and friendly. I usually get my dialogues translated by someone before I shoot a particular scene. I am slowly picking up the language by conversing with the cast and crew of Kevvu Keka.”