Telugu Indian Idol: Ep 15: Musical Tribute To SPBThe OTT version of Telugu Indian Idol is receiving fabulous feedback from spectators. The official version of Telugu Indian Idol is currently streaming on Aha Video, with Sreerama Chandra hosting the show and Thaman, Karthik, and Nithya Menen participating as judges.

Episode 15, the tribute to SPB Garu with singer Kalpana as the guest is bagged with many memorable songs and moments of the legendary versatile singer late Balasubramaniam Garu who conquered the music world. Celebrating “Balu’s duets” the episode has been a duet round with two participants crooning one song.

Also, the episode is said to have two rounds, finally from which the two least performers will be taken out for elimination by considering last week’s scores as well.

The episode started with the AV of SPB and then all the crew singing the melodious song of Balu Garu “Amani Padave” from the movie “Geethanjali”

Duet 1: Aditi and Renu Kumar
Aditi and Ranu Kumar crooned the song “Priya Raagale” from the movie ” Hello brother”. All the judges liked it and said that they gave a wonderful start with a brilliant song. Nithya Menon commented that the duet round looks like a celebration. Later Aditi and Renu imitated each other and evoked a few laughs.

Duet 2 : Jayanth and Lalasa
Jayanth and Lalsa picked out a mass song “Ammadu Appachi” from the “Indra movie”. Both sang well and Kalpana personally praised Lalasa for her precision of notes and Jayanth for his attitude. Thaman commented to Jayanth that with his activeness, he felt he required an oxygen machine to breathe. Later, at the request of Nithyamenon, Kalapana sang the same song on the stage.

Duet 3 : Manya and Vaishnavi
Maanya and Vaishnavi sang the song “Suryude selavani” from the “Stalin” movie. Impressed with the performance, Karthik complimented that, If Balu Garu heard this song from them, he would be really proud of it. Nithya said for the first time in Indian Idol she got goosebumps and she was lost for some time even after the performance. Thaman gave a standing ovation to Orchestra and gave the ” Bomma Blockbuster ” tag to this performance.

In this happiness, Kalpana being master to Vaishnavi, Vaishnavi had gifted her favourite food item White sauce pasta, by which Kalpana got very excited.

Duet 4: Maruthi and Lakshmi Sravani
Maruthi and Lakshmi Sravani chose the song “Bheemavaram Bulloda” from the movie Gharana Bullodu movie and gave their best. Judges praised their duo Maruthi and Suzuki. Kalpana said that this is one of the best performances of Lakshmi Sravani.

Duet 5: Jayanth and Pranathi
blazed the stage with their performance of the song “Oh Priya Priya” from the movie Geethanjali. Their performance garnered awesome compliments from judges. While Nithya Menon said the performance was fabulous, Karthik said Paranathi sang the song as a walk in the park. With Kalpana and Thaman also praising the performance they gave the “Bomma Blockbuster” tag. Later Kalapana and Karthik Sang this song.

Duet 6 : Vagdevi and Srinivas
Vagdevi and Srinivas crooned the song “Kanyakumari” from “Bobbili Raja” and their fabulous performance set the stage in flames. Thaman praised Vagdevi’s voice by commenting on a funny note, the toxicity of the voice got increased. Later, Nithya Menon cracked a joke on Srinivas asking whose life experience is this song based on? Karthik also praised the song by giving a standing ovation and by saying it was Seethimar performance.

Major Highlights
During Suryude Selavani song performance, Thaman shared that Manisharma was literally shivering, when he made Balu Garu sing this song. He added that he just worked with SPB for four songs as he fears that he may scold him for his tunes.

Kalapana became emotional by sharing many of her experiences with Balu Garu. She said SPB have a habit of keeping nicknames and he use to call her “Rakshashi”

Kalpana said that she has undergone many challenges in her life after she lost her father. But she never questioned god. However, when her music master and SPB passed away, it was the time she thought to question the god. She also added that SPB gave life to the music and he is such a legend.

During the performance of Pranathi and Jayanth, sharing one of the incidents with SPB, Kalpana said she got a chance to sing Oh Priya Priya song and from then she said to SPB that she is never going to sing that song with him as it is a very complicated one. Later,
though many shows have happened, she said she hasn’t sang that one song with SPB.

She also shared the suggestion given by SPB that not to get interrupted by anyone during the singing. She said that suggestion helped her a lot during the singing

Thaman praised Kalpana and Karthik garu by saying, Manisharma has so much trust in Kalpana Garu and AR Rehman has so much trust in Karthik. He added that their hard work made them sit here as legendary playback singers.

Remembering Balu Garu, Sree Rama Chandra said he was very happy that during his IndianIdol journey as a participant, SPB voted for him and encouraged him.

Upcoming Elimination
Tribute to SPB episode is said to have two rounds, finally from which two least performers will be taken out for elimination by considering last week’s scores as well.