Telugu Indian Idol: Ep 14: Contestant Throws a Challenge to Varun TejTelugu Indian Idol singing reality show is currently streaming on Aha Video with an almost 9.2 IMDB rating. Consisting of 12 potential contestants, the show organizers have opened the voting lines earlier and the reports say that plenty of votes is floating for the participants.

Episode after episode, the show is going on an interesting note and for the latest episode, Mega Prince Varun Tej has arrived as a chief guest. Most of the singers in the episode picked Varun Tej’s songs to enthrall the audience.

Participant 1: Srinivas
Srinivas crooned to the song “Ninnila” from Tholi Prema and received a standing ovation from judges and Varun Tej for his marvelous performance. He also received the “Bomma Blockbuster” performance tag with Varun praising his ease in singing high notes. Thaman on a funny note asked whether Srinivas has vocal cords or chicken drumsticks. Later Varun on the request of Thaman gave a demo to Srinivas on how to propose to his girlfriend. This evoked good laughs among the audience.

Participant 2: Vagdevi
Vagdevi has picked the “Romeo” song from Varun’s latest release “Ghani”. All the three judges liked it and praised her performance. Varun complimented her regarding her transformation and said she has beautiful eyes. Thaman picked up the chance and commented to Varun that he is doing a Boxing movie and not a love movie.

Participant 3: Vaishnavi
The youngest singer of Telugu Indian Idol, Vaishnavi crooned the “Allasani Vaari” song from Tholiprema. Improvising the song, she started it with Allasani Padyam and got a standing ovation for her performance from judges along with the “Bomma Blockbuster” tag.

Participant 4: Jayanth
Being the funniest guy on the set, Jayanth picked a variety song “Jaara Jaara” from Gaddalakonda Ganesh. Praising Mickey J Meyer’s composition, Thaman complimented Jayanth’s performance as well. The remaining Judges also liked Jayanth singing and gave a positive note. Later, this performance was followed by some funny moments between Varun and Jayanth competing with each other.

Participant 5: Lakshmi Sravani
As per Nithya’s request in last week’s episode, Lakhsmi, in this episode, has brought out the versatility in her voice by singing the “Hey Pillagada” song from the film Fidaa. She crooned it full of energy and Nitya praised her performance by saying her change of style, paid her off. Thaman and Karthik also appreciated that this was her best performance to date.

Karthik praised Orchestra and called them onto the stage with the statement that they are the backbone of the Indian Idol Show.

While giving a demo to Srinivas, Varun said the Fidaa climax dialogue and added it is always best to propose a girl turning backside.

“When I went to an airport, few members asked me about Srinivas and praised his singing,” Karthik Said these words about Srinivas.

Jayanth competing with Varun asked him to break bricks to prove he is the mass hero on the stage. Varun broke it, but Jayanth failed to do it. Continuing this humorous part, Varun gifted “Actually small size” Ghani T-shirt to Jayanth

Varun remembering his Ghani dialogue said that regardless of who is going to win, it is music that wins for sure in Indian Idol.
With Nitya’s birthday being on the 8th of April, the team celebrated it with her photo’s AV and cake.

Zepto Consistent Performer Of The Week
Zepto Consistent Performer Of The Week goes to Srinivas for his fantastic style of improvising and singing the “Ninilla” song composed by Thaman.