Telugu Indian Idol: Ep 19: Thaman and Nithya argued over contestant's performanceIndian Idol Telugu is one of the most famous singing competitions and is a big platform for many young talents to perform on a big stage.
The official version of Telugu Indian Idol is currently streaming on Aha Video and the show gained good popularity within a short period. Continuing the same charm, the latest episode provided double entertainment with its Double Dhamaka team in which popular singers Sravana Bhargavi, Damini, Pruthvi Chandra, Hema Chandra, and Mohana came as guests and sang the duets along with the Contestants.

Duet 1: Sravani Bhargavi and Maruthi
Sravani Bhargavi and Maruthi crooned the song “Yevandoi Nani Garu” from the movie MCA. The performance started with other contestants creating fun by giving a new make-over to Maruthi to sing the song with Sravana Bhargavi. Later, Judges had some controversy on their opinion of this performance. While Nithya Menon and Karthik praised Maruthi’s performance to the core by saying “Maruti Has Arrived”, Thaman disagreed with the statement and said that Maruthi’s performance was not up to the mark as he hadn’t felt that Maruthi had arrived.

Duet 2: Damini and Srinivas
Damini and Srinivas crooned the melodious song “Dhinaku Dhin ” from the movie Mirapakay. The judges liked their performance and praised their performance. Nithya Menon loved their singing and expressed her happiness for seeing great singers singing with the Indian Idol contestants. Later, Thaman said though there are a few mistakes in Srinivas’s singing, finally, he caught the flow and performed well. Damini said that it is one of her favourite songs in Thaman music direction.

Duet 3: Pruthvi Chandra and Lalasa
Lalasa and Pruthvi Chandra crooned the romantic song “Vintunnava” from the Yem Maya Chesave movie. For Lalasa and Pruthvi’s excellent performance, Thaman and Karthik gave a standing ovation. Nithya Menon praised their performance and shared some of her memories regarding that movie audio release event. With their fabulous performance, judges announced it as “Bomma Blockbuster”

Duet 4: Hema Chandra and Aditi
Hema Chandra and Aditi crooned the song “Masala Mirchi Pilla ” from the movie “Billa ”. Their performance recreated the magic of the original song and Aditi got positive comments from Judges. As the original song was also sung by Hemachandra, Nithya praised his way of singing, mainly the starting bit that made her awe and Karthik said Hemachandra is fabulous. Later, Hemachandra made some fun by showing some reels of Aditi.

Duet 5: Mohana And Manya Chandra
Mohana and Manya Chandran crooned the song “Amma” from “Akhanda”. However, this performance got mixed responses. While all the three judges praised Mohana, they pointed out Manya by saying this song is out of her comfort zone and she would have done a bit better.

Major Highlights
A girl from the audience proposed to singer Maruthi for his performance, and they both did a Ramp walk on the stage.

After Maruthi and Sravani Bhargavi’s performance, Thaman said that while Maruthi is singing with such a singer, he has to overshadow many things and has to come up with extra energy. However, pointing this out, Nithya Menon opposed Thaman strongly saying comparing renowned singers with contestants is not at all a healthy way. While this argument continued with opposing views of Thaman and Nithya, Karthik kept an end to it by calling Maruthi and giving a hug to him.

During Damini and Srinivas’s performance, Sree Rama Chandra compared Nithya Menon and Damini saying that both look the same in terms of looks and hairstyle and it is like one Nithya on stage while another Nithya is on the judge’s seat.

During Lalasa and Prithvi’s performance, Nithya shared her memories saying that during Yem Maya Chesava she is a newcomer to the movie industry and as she got invited to that movie audio release by Gautham Menon, she went to it and enjoyed it as a normal girl among the audience.

Elimination of the Week
The elimination of one contestant will take place in tomorrow’s episode of Indian Idol.