Indian_Idol_telugu_on_Aha_VideoTelugu Indian Idol is one of the entertaining reality shows in the Telugu internet space. The show will be coming to an end in just another week. Meanwhile, the top 6 finalists crooned interesting numbers in the presence of Balakrishna Nandamuri, who attended the show as a special guest.

The contestants crooned Balayya Babu’s songs and invited him to the show. Balayya, too entertained everyone by cracking some jokes.

Participant 1: Srinivas
He crooned Akhanda title song and impressed everyone. Balakrishna enjoyed the performance, and all the judges gave a standing ovation. One of the judges, Karthik, termed it as Srinivas’ unstoppable moment.

Balakrishna gifted a dummy book called ’30 Rojullo Bharyani Yemarchadam Ela’, on a funny note, to Srinivas and created some fun.

Participant 2: Lalasa
Lalasa crooned ‘Naruda O Naruda’ song from the film Bhairava Dweepam. Balakrishna heaped praises over Lalasa for her rendition.

On a funny note, Balayya named Lalasa as Lalasso after the famous painter Picasso.

Participant 3: Jayanth
He crooned Lux Papa song from the film Narasimha Naidu. Jayanth crooned it so well, and everyone liked it.

Balakrishna later made fun of Jayanth for drinking water after every performance. On a funny note, he gifted an empty can to Jayanth.

Participant 4: Pranathi
Pranathi crooned Andhala Aada Bomma song from the film Samara Simha Reddy. Balakrishna thoroughly enjoyed singing the song.

On a funny note, Balakrishna spoke about Pranathi’s mimicry skill and gave her a ‘Bhaskar’ award.

Participant 5: Vagdevi
Vagdevi crooned ‘Rasaleela Vela’ from the film Aditya 369. Balakrishna funnily commented that Vagdevi looks like Pooja Hegde.

Balakrishna gifted her a Pedda Bala Siksha book.

Participant 6: Vaishnavi
Vaishnavi is one of the talented singers in the show. She crooned Nandamuri Nayaka song from the film Samara Simha Reddy. Balakrishna enjoyed her performance and even went to the stage to dance with Vaishnavi.

In the end, Balakrishna gifted a loudspeaker to Vaishnavi on a fun note.

*Bomma Blockbuster*
Balakrishna announced that all the contestants delivered Bomma Blockbuster performances.

*Balakrishna Birthday Celebrations*
The team surprised Balakrishna with a cake and then celebrated the actor’s birthday.

Lalasa eliminated