Telugu_Indian_Idol_Episode_29Telugu Indian Idol is one of the most popular reality shows on the internet space currently. The reality show is streaming on Aha Video. The reality show currently has 6 contestants. All of them are fighting it out to win the Indian Idol title. Usha Uthap has come to the Indian Idol as a special guest for the ongoing episodes.

Participant 1: Lalasa
Lalasa crooned Kannulatho Chusedi from the film Jeans. Her performance is complemented by the Veena player. Together on stage, they displayed a beautiful performance. Except for Nithya Menen, the other judges liked the performance.

Participant 2: Srinivas
Srinivas crooned Okade Okkadu Monagadu from the film Thalapathy. His performance is complemented by the Drums player Siva. Together on stage, they delivered an outstanding performance. Everyone showered praises to the performance and in the end, Srinivas also bagged a Bomma Blockbuster performance.

Participant 3: Pranathi
Pranathi crooned Manasulo Manasuna Pilichina Kalava from the film love Birds. Her performance is complemented by the Flutist Sai. Pranathi too delivered a Bomma Blockbuster performance. Nithya Menen complimented that Pranathi made a successful comeback from a couple of failures.

Participant 4: Vaishnavi
Vaishnavi crooned Chakori from the film Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo. She is complemented by the 16-year-old Violin player Kamakshi. Vaishnavi bagged a Bomma Blockbuster performance. She received all positive compliments from everyone.

Participant 5: Vagdevi
Vagdevi crooned Aila Aila Ai from the film Ai. She is complemented by Sai on Guitar. Usha Uthap did not like the performance. However, Thaman and others liked it. Vagdevi displayed a performance that has different voice modulations. Usha did not like it and asked to sing something else.

Participant 6: Jaswanth
Jaswanth crooned Usire Poyenu song from the film Raavan. The performance is complemented by Siddhu on Guitar. The performance was appreciated by everyone. Usha pointed out that he could not sing well on a few notes.

*Usha Uthap’s walkout prank*
Host Sreerama Chandra has a habit of reading out poetry and has done it again. He recited a poem on Usha Uthap where he mentioned that she has a strong voice (Gambheeramaina). Usha acted like she was offended by it. She asked Sreeram about how can he compare her voice with a male person. Sreeram was worried and he immediately apologized to Usha but she was not happy. Usha revealed that she is going to walk out from the stage and stood up. Sreeram ran to her and fell on her feet to tender an apology. After a few minutes of discussion with the team, Usha came back and sat. She then revealed, “How can I not take a joke on myself?” and Sreeram was relieved that it was a prank.