Telugu Indian Idol: Ep 23: Surprising Elimination!The official version of Telugu Indian Idol is currently streaming on Aha Video and has got good viewership.

Same as Yesterday’s episode, Today’s episode also had Sravani Bhargavi as the host. Top of all, today’s episode is packed with legendary lyricists Veturi and Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry songs, with renowned lyricist Rama Jogayya Sastry as the guest of the show.

Participant 1: Aditi
Aditi started the show with the song ”Jamuratiri Jabilamma,” from the movie Kshana Kshanam. She sang it in a rocking way and RamaJogayya Sastry complimented her performance as fabulous. Though the judges at the start said it was not up to the mark of Blockbuster, finally they gave her the ‘Bomma Blockbuster’ performance.

Participant 2: Sake Renukumar
Sake Renukumar crooned the song “Adhey Nanne Nanne Chera Vache” from the movie Surya son of Krishnan. While Karthik and RamaJogayya Sastry praised his performance, Thaman said that Renu Kumar knows everything in singing but he feels that he is not keeping 100% per cent effort in the performance. He asked him to perform his best next time. Later, with Thaman playing the drums, Karthik crooned the same song and danced along with all the contestants.

Participant 3: Pranathi
Aditi Bhavaraju, in this episode, has brought out a pleasant performance with the “Vidhaata Thalapuna” song from the film Sirivennela. Everyone praised her phenomenal performance and marked it as a “Bomma BlockBuster”. After her performance, she imitated Karthik and Thaman’s actions. Continuing the funny parade, Karthik also imitated Thaman’s action on the sets.

Participant 4: Maruthi
Maruthi crooned the song “Akasam Thakela” from Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. He gained mixed responses from the judges. Both Karthik and Thaman said that his performance is just OK and he would have done better as the song he had picked was an excellent one.

Participant 5: Lalasa
Lalasa came in an angel’s dress and crooned the song “Andalalo Aho Mahodayam” from Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari. All the judges praised her performance to the core and also gave her the “Bomma Blockbuster” performance tag.

-After the performance of Aditi, RamaJogayya Sastri shared his relationship with Sirivennela Garu. He said he is his master in music and he is very happy to be his student for some days. He also praised Sirivennela for his lyrics to the Jamuratiri song.

Talking about music director Keeravani, Karthik said, he has sung the Pacha bottesina song from Baahubali in just 20 min and asked Keeravani whether he can try the song again. He added he was shocked by Keeravani’s reply as he asked Karthik if he thinks he can sing better than that.

Talking about the song “Vidhaata Thalapuna” from the film Sirivennela, RamaJogayya Sastry said it was the first song of Sirivennela Garu in the movies. He said though many people haven’t understood these lyrics, everyone has respected the song and that’s the speciality of Sirivennela lyrics.

Thaman Said Karthik is a food freak and he always asks “what the food” when he comes on to the studio. He added that Karthik used to be very reserved in the past and now he has become totally unreserved.

*Zepto Consistent Performer Of The Week*

This week Zepto Consistent Performer Of The Week award was given to three contestants:

Vagdevi, Pranathi and Aditi

*Elimination Of The Week*
With Renu Kumar, Srinivas and Maruthi being at least three performers, finally, Srinivas got eliminated from the show with fewer votes from judges and the audience.