Telugu Indian Idol: Ep 22: Mani Sharma's special with Mothers!Indian Idol Telugu is one of the most famous singing competitions and is a big platform for many young talents to perform on a big stage.
The official version of Telugu Indian Idol is currently streaming on Aha Video and the show gained good popularity within a short period.

This week’s episode is celebrating “Manisharm’s hits” with Manisharma as a guest. Also, the episode has been mothers’ special as well. All the constant mothers came on to the stage and were there throughout the episode with their children. Contestants after their performances shared their beautiful words about their mothers.

Participant 1: Vagdevi
Lalasa has kick-started the show with the song ” Madhura Madhura” from the Arjun movie. She sang it in a rocking way and received a compliment from the judges. Manisharma praised her performance while Thaman said he already informed Manisharma that she is going to give a phenomenal performance. He added that he also showed her “Lahe Lahe” performance to Manisharma before he came for the show. Later, Vegdevi shared about her love for her mother and said that she loves no one in the world more than her mother. At the request of Nithya Menon, Vagdevi’s audition video was also played in the show. Nithya said that Vagdevi got a chance to audition after seeing her on Indian Idol.

Participant 2: Srinivas
Srinivas crooned the super-hit song “Yamaha Nagari” from the movie Choodalani Undi. However, he got mixed responses from the judges and Manishram. Manisharma and Thaman pointed out that Srinivas sang the song too classical which is not required. Later Nithya Menon gifted a photo frame of Srinivas’ mother to him as she passed away a few years back. Srinivas became very emotional and dedicated the mother song “Amma Amma” from Raghuvaran to his mother. Nithya Menon said that he can always count on her and can share everything with her as he knows she loves him as a human being. She promised that she will always be for him and will support him. And all the contestants’ mothers along with Nithya Menon hugged him to get him out of the emotion.

Participant 3: Pranati
Pranati gained special compliments from Manisharma that she has chosen a simple song and sang it simply superbly, by singing a song, “Chamka Chamka ” from Chirutha. She received good compliments from all the three judges. Later, she said that her main motto is to make her mother happy and to fulfil her dream of becoming a good singer.

Participant 4: Maruthi
Maruthi picked the “Nammavemo Gani” song from the movie Parugu. All the judges along with Mani Sharma have mixed responses to his performance. Later, at Thaman’s request, Maruthi’s video was played in which Maruthi shared about his life and financial issues. He said that he discontinued his studies because of his financial status and used to work in a hotel as a Server.

Participant 5: Vaishnavi
The youngest singer Vaishnavi crooned the song “Gusa Gusa Lade” from the movie Gentleman. Along with superb comments from all the judges, she received the “Bomma BlockBuster Tag” for her performance. Later Karthika and Thaman both requested Manisharma to give her at least one chance for Vaishnavi as a singer in his music direction as she deserves it. Manishram said both of their choices are right and he will surely make Vaishnavi sing in his composition. Later a video of Vaishnavi with her mother was shared and it is revealed that she is also a great singer. Then her mother sang the beautiful song “Santhosham Sagam Balam” in a beautiful way.

-After the performance of Vagdevi, Karthika asked Manisharma about his incredible composition of Madhura Madhura Tara’s song in Arjun. Manisharma shared his experiences of the Madhura song along with Dum Dumara song from Ajun movie and said for both the songs he just went on the flow and they came excellently because of goddess blessings.

During Srinivas’ performance of Yamaha Nagari from the movie Choodalani Undi, Manisharma said that it was the first composition of his career and he was so tense at that time.

Thaman shared that during the “English Pellam East Godavari Mogudu” background music composition, Manisharma asked Thaman to leave the studio as he wasn’t given good effort in the orchestra. He added that he came back to Manisharm after learning the music again for four years and from then he never turned back.

As part of Mother’s special episode, Nithya Menon’s mother AV was shared in the show. Nithya became emotional by seeing the AV and by listening to her mother’s words. Her mother said that Nithya was a treat to watch in India Idol. She shared many things about Nithya and also said that Nithya likes simple food, mainly without green chilli. Nithya said that she is the only daughter of her parents and it’s the reason they have utmost bonding.

Thaman and Manisharma shared their experience during the Chirutha movie. They said they went to Bangkok along with the Chirutha cast and crew and composed four songs in four days in Bangkok itself.

When Mani Sharma’s family photos AV was played, Thaman asked Manisharma about his educational qualification, for which Mani replied he is Inter second year discontinued.

Mani Sharma’s and legendary singer SPB’s relationship was shared by Thaman, saying that they both are like their own brothers.