Telugu Indian Idol: Ep 21: Thaman Promises Education for Contestant’s SonThe singing reality show, Indian Idol Telugu has been thoroughly entertaining the audience with its ongoing season. All thanks to the talented contestants who never fail to leave the audience impressed with their spectacular performances. One more reason for the show to remain on TV viewers’ must-watch list is the show is graced by renowned celebrities Nithya Menon, Thaman, and Karthik. To make today’s episode extra special, Melody Brahma Manisharma has graced the episode and contestants have crooned his iconic numbers.

The other special exciting thing about today’s episode is that it has been mothers’ special as well. All the constant mothers came on to the stage and were there throughout the episode with their children. Contestants after their performances shared their beautiful words about their mothers.

Participant 1: Lalasa
Lalasa crooned to the song “Dole Dole ” from Pokiri and received positive comments from judges and Manisharma for her marvelous performance. Manisharma said she sang Fantastically and Thaman praised her ease in singing high notes. Later Lalasa said she is a fan of Manisharm’s classic and western fusion music. She also shared her fights and love with her mother and added that she is also doing MBBS, inspired by her mother.

Participant 2: Renu Kumar
Vagdevi has picked the “Bangaru Kalla” song from Manisharma’s musical super hit “Murari”. Manisharma liked it and praised him for his performance. He said except for a few instants, the remaining part he sang very well. Karthik said that it is the sweetest performance among all the performances of Renu Kumar. When Nithya Menon said there was less energy in Renu compared to his previous songs, Manisharma opposed the statement by saying he gave his full energy and on a funny note he said that if there are any mistakes then it would be his fault. Later along with Renu Kumar’s mother, his wife is also invited on to the stage. Renu shared his financial crisis during the pandemic time and said he was unable to provide the best for his child. Responding to this, Thaman promised that he will take responsibility for his child’s education till the next three years. He added to not to worry about him.

Participant 3: Aditi Bhavaraju
Aditi Bhavaraju crooned the “Sanna Kastam” song from Mani Sharma’s latest musical hit movie Acharya. With Manisharma commenting on her performance as a fantastic one, Nithya Menon said her voice is like honey in this song. Thaman and Karthik have also given positive comments. Later sharing about her mother, Aditi said that her voice came from her mother and that’s why she is able to fulfil her dream to become a singer.

Participant 4: Jayanth
Being the funniest guy on the set, Jayanth picked the song “Chilakamma Mukkuki ” from Gudumba Shankar. Praising Mani Sharma’s composition, Thaman and Karthik complimented Jayanth’s performance as well. Nithya Menon and Manisharm also liked Jayanth singing and gave a positive note. Later, Jayanth about his mother said that she is his goddess, strength and also his weakness. Responding to this, Nithya Menon said it is an excellent phrase she has heard in Indian Idol and from now she will search for the guy who says the same to her.

Thaman shared his relationship with Manisharma and he said that he started his career as a playback boy in Manisharm’s music studio. He said that he from Thaman became Music Director Thaman only because of Manisharma. He added he is his guru.

Karthik thanked Manisharma by saying he gave him the best songs to sing.

While Thaman said Manisharma is famous for his gully cricket play, Manisharma said a funny statement that they used to play cricket only to make Thaman run.

During Renu Kumar’s emotional talk regarding his son, Thaman also shared that he had studied only till the fifth standard and he was forced to stop education because of his father’s death to take responsibility for his family.

Thaman remembering Gudumba Shankar movie musical time said that Mani Garu has finished the composition of Gudumba Shankar songs just in two days. He added that with super hit musical movies like Khusi and Gudumba Shankar with Pawan Kalyan, Manisharma always enjoys doing music albums for Pawan movies.

As it is a mother’s special Episode, Thaman’s mother’s AV has been played in which she shared many things about Thaman also called Sai by his close ones. She said that after Thaman’s father passed away, Thaman haven’t cried but looked after her and his sister in a very careful way. She added Thaman had an interest in music right from his school days and also he always use to be out of school to play the music in the playground.

Thaman said that he used to live in very low-cost apartments during the starting stage of his career, and it was Manisharma who got him out of those apartments by giving him an amazing career. He added that though he missed his father, Mani Sharma is also the same as his father.

Finally, today’s episode got wrapped up with a special performance from female singers for the Maguva Maguva song.