Telugu Indian Idol: Ep 16: Elimination Amidst Emotional Tribute to SpbIndian Idol Telugu is one of the most famous singing competitions and is a big platform for many young talents to perform on a big stage.
The official version of Telugu Indian Idol is currently streaming on Aha Video and the show gained good popularity within a short span of time. Apart from the singing abilities of the participants, the show also depicts interesting special rounds every week. This week’s episode is celebrating “SPB duets” with the Singer Kalpana as guest.

Duet 1 : Manya and Jayanth
Manya and Jayanth crooned the song “Abbanee tiyyani” from the movie Jagadeka veerudu atiloka sundari. All the judges praised for selecting such a masterpiece song. However, Thaman and Kalapana pointed out that due to Jayanth’s open throat singing he is missing out control singing sometimes and lyrics are not clear. But all in all, four judges said the performance was good.

Duet 2: Renu Kumar and Srinivas
Renu Kumar and Srinivas crooned the melodious song “Nuvu natho em Anavo” from the movie Disco Raja. The judges liked their performance and unanimously called it a “Seeti Maar” performance. Nithya Menon loved their singing and expressed her happiness for seeing both on the stage. Later, Renu Kumar and Srinivas talked about their friendship from college days. Srinivas became emotional saying that it is Renu Kumar who looked after his mother while he was out and she was suffering from cancer.

Duet 3: Pranati and Maruthi
Pranati and Maruthi crooned the romantic song “Abbo nee amma goppade, Andam” from the Anji movie. For Maruthi’s excellent performance, Thaman gave a standing ovation and also hugged him by going on to the stage. Nithya Menon praised Maruthi saying it is his best performance till date. With their fabulous performance, judges announced it as “Bomma Blockbuster”

Duet 4: Aditi and Srinivas
Aditi and Srinivas crooned the song “Yerrani Kurradanni” from the movie “Premikudu”. Their performance recreated the magic of SPB-AR Rehman music and got positive comments from Judges. Kalpana praised Aditi voice saying, among all the performers in Indian Idol, Aditi voice is crystal clear in song pronunciation. Later, Karthik and Thaman made some fun by imitating Srinivas actions while singing the song.

Duet 5: Vagdevi and Vyshnavi
Vagdevi and Vyshnavi crooned the song “Oh Papa Laali” from “Geethanjali”. Thaman commented that he thought this performance would be very great, but it missed because of different voice textures of both contestants. Other judges also reacted same and Karthik sang this song by going on to the stage.

Duet 6: Lalasa and Lakshmi Sravani
Lalasa and Sravani gave an outstanding performance by singing the song “Kadasaridi Veedkolu” from the movie “Amrutha”. Karthik asked when there are 1500 songs sung by SPB, why they have chosen this song. Starting on the serious note to tease singers, finally judges announced it as “Bomma Blockbuster” performance.

While all the contestants gave standing ovations, Thaman went on to the stage and said while Karthik and Thaman had a doubt about how they both can perform this as a duet song, they have given an outstanding performance. Later, Lalasa said that her mother always asks her why any of her songs did not make judges come on to the stage. She felt happy that finally this song made it happen.

Major Highlights

After “Nuvu natho em Anavo” song performance, Thaman thanked Raviteja for accepting his song and shared his experience with SPB during the song. He said SPB use to call him Narkeswar Rao as he knifed few SPB words and made it in to a lyric in the song.

With the childhood pic of Thaman and SPB shared in the program, Thaman said that particular pictures was taken during 1997, that is one year after his father’s death. He shared about his journey with SPB from then. The picture of Thaman with his masters SPB, Manisharma, Koti and Shivamani just before Covid Pandemic was started was also shared in the program.

During “Abbo nee amma goppade” song , Kalpana narrated a story about how she requested Manisharma garu to make her to sing song once again as she got feared after listening SPB awesome voice in the song.

Kalpana became emotional during Oh Papa Lalli song and said that it’s the song composition and SPB voice that made her cry. She added with such a pleasant songs he use to make us sleep, but now we are going to miss him a lot.

Kalapana while leaving the program, asked Sree Ramachandra to sing “Gelupu Thalupule” song from the movie Teenmar as it is her favorite one among Sree Rama Chandra songs.

Karthik and SPB pics were also shown in the program, including his first photo with SPB taken in the year 1996.

*Zepto Consistent Performer of The Week*
Zepto Consistent Performer of the Week went to two contestants this week and they are :

Maruthi and Pranati

*Elimination of the Week*
With Vagdevi and Lakshmi Sravani scoring less marks and less votes, finally Lakshmi Sravani got eliminated for the least votes compared to Vagdevi.