Telugu Indian Idol- Ep 11 - Balakrishna’s Special Rocks the ShowTelugu Indian Idol is one of the interesting reality singing shows in Telugu. The official version of the Indian Idol is currently streaming on Aha Video. Sreerama Chandra is the show host. Thaman, Karthik, and Nithya Menen are the judges for the TV show. The show organizers have opened the voting lines earlier and the reports say that lakhs of votes were polled for the participants.

On the occasion of Ugadi, the show organizers kick-started the episode with some special songs, starring Balakrishna in the lead role. Most of the singers in the episode picked Balayya Babu’s songs to enthrall the audience.

Participant 1: Lalasa
Lalasa has picked ‘Ravayya Muddula Mama’ from Samara Simha Reddy. She sang it so well and has received ‘Bomma Blockbuster’ performance from the judges. Since Sreerama Chandra happens to be ‘Mamayya’ for Lalasa, the judges cracked a joke on their relation, connecting it to the song. As Ugadi special, Lalasa’s mom came on to the stage to serve the special Ugadi Pachhadi to the judges.

Participant 2: Pranathi
Pranathi, in this episode, has bought out the versatility in her voice. Pranathi crooned the ‘Jai Balayya’ song from the film Akhanda. She crooned it with full of energy and the original composer Thaman liked it a lot. After her performance, she mimicked Nithya Menen by delivering her lines from the film Bheemla Nayak.

Participant 3: Maruthi
Maruthi crooned Kokokomali Korukku Tinte from the film Narasimha Nayudu. All three judges were impressed with the performance and appreciated that this was his best performance to date.

Participant 4: Vagdevi
Vagdevi, who already gained special compliments that she is a versatile singer came up with a very challenging song. Suramodamu from Aditya 369 was her pick in the episode. There are multiple shades in the song that Vagdevi presented so beautifully. Vagdevi also received the ‘Bomma Blockbuster’ performance. Before that, music director Thaman and Karthik tried to play a prank on Vagdevi. saying that she disappointed them. When she is almost going to break out in tears, the judges announced that it is a Bomma Blockbuster performance.

Participant 5: Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh picked Enthavaru Gani song from the film Bhale Thammudu. Since it suits his voice, he crooned it so well. The judges liked it. Thaman made some fun by gifting the ’30 rojullo Telugu nerchukovadam ela’ book to Jaskaran and asked him to be perfect with the language.

Participant 6: Aditi Bhavaraju
Aditi crooned the ‘Enno Ratrulosthayi Gani’ song from the film “Dharma Kshetram’. Aditi is already a proven singer and she has successfully crooned the song and transported everyone into a trance. All three judges appreciated her.

– During the performance of Pranathi, Karthik shared an incident that took place at his career beginning. “When I just started my career, I went to Malaysia with SPB garu for a concert. I was singing his song and the crowd was cheering. All of a sudden, the roar went up and when I looked back, he was there in the chorus team, giving the backing vocals to the song and it moved me.” said Karthik.

– Thaman shared with the singers that he is introducing the talents to all music directors who were in his WhatsApp group where AR Rahman is also a part of it.

The first elimination of the season is expected to take place in the next episode.