Telugu Heroes Are Also Victims of MolestationPuri Jagannadh revealed a shocking fact about the Telugu heroes being molested in mob events just like the heroines. There were many stories of heroines groped and molested taking advantage of the huge crowd and them slapping the perverts is no new news. But what Puri said was really new.

Speaking of Balayya’s nature of beating fans in public, Puri Jagannadh said Balayya is the only person who stands by his word and is a very sweet person.

He said the hero never raises his hand unnecessarily and revealed that even the male actors face the molestation in a mob where they even grab the actors’ balls and molest them badly.

Apparently, most of the heroes of our industry faced this issue and it is the same fear that makes Balayya push away the people coming close with unusual force. That is scary. Even the host who was interviewing Puri was shocked to listen to this. Well, that is new. Gender is no barrier to these perverts.