Eesha Rebba - Limited to a Sidekick in Big Movie!When Esha Rebba bagged the second female lead role in ‘Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava’, every Telugu person who wants to see Telugu girls acting in big films felt really happy for that as she has those large expressive eyes that could light up emotional moments in a filmmaker like Trivikram’s movie.

Sad that she can’t be even called a second heroine in ‘Aravindha Sametha‘ as expected. Esha Rebba was limited to a sidekick role and she isn’t going to carry anything memorable or the movie will not add anything good for her career irrespective of the result of the movie. It was a huge disappointment for her, though it was thought that, finally she was noticed by a star filmmaker.

But, as NTR has claimed, Naveen Chandra of ‘Andala Rakshasi’ fame has got a good role in the movie as the main villain’s son and he really performed well as per the requirement of the character. At the pre-release event of ‘Aravindha Sametha’, NTR was all praises for the small actor and said that audiences will like Naveen Chandra’s performance. It was true.