Telugu Films On OTT: Timeline For Big & Small TitlesSenior Producer Dil Raju who is heading the Active Telugu Film Producers Guild, in an interview, revealed that the Guild is working on steps to control the impact of OTT on theaters. “Going forward big star films will release on OTT only after 50 days of theatrical run. Small heroes films will come on OTT only after five weeks run,” Dil Raju said.

This opens the debate of OTT Vs Theaters once again in Tollywood. “The advent of OTT is something that can not be controlled. The revenue from OTT rights forms a major chunk of the film business these days. There are certain projects which become safe ventures with their non-theatrical rights themselves. No Guild can impose rules to decide what is the best model for a producer,” experts say.

We have seen how Telugu Film Chamber tried its level best to block the OTT release of Tuck Jagadish. In the end, the producer’s decision prevailed. Recently, the makers of Pushpa have decided to go for an OTT release just three weeks after their theatrical release.

They have taken the decision considering a clash with RRR (It did not happen and that is another story). That is how it is. The producers will take a call based on what is best for his film. Going forward, trade may demand the OTT agreements of the producers so that they can quote the prices accordingly.