Long gone are the days when film titles had some association with the story of the film. Today, film titles are merely used to create a buzz around the film. Some titles are chosen merely for the fact that they have created lot of hype in the industry. For instance, we all know how big a hit was the song Kevvu Kekka from Gabbar Singh, but did you ever realize it will be turned into the name of a film? Naresh’s upcoming Telugu film is “Kevvu Kekka”.

This is not a rare exception because so many Telugu films with titles inspired from songs and dialogues. Few of them include “A Vachi B Pai Vaale”, “Bangaru Kodi Petta”, “DK Bose”, “Something Something”, “Priyatama Neevachata Kusalama”, “Jaffa” and many more.

The question is whether having such titles will have any effect on the fate of the film at the box-office. We highly doubt it but we should still wait and watch.