Telugu Film Industry -Dilemma - Who Will Bell The CatTelugu Film Industry is likely to begin the film shootings this month. The industry is waiting for the Telangana Government’s G.O. to that respect. There are hints that the theaters may open up in August. However, the doubts are still on if the industry can bring the audience to theaters.

There is a dilemma about how to re-open the theaters. Big filmmakers are apprehensive to test the mood of the audience since huge money is at stake. They want to leave the initial period to the small films but that may not serve the actual purpose.

“Small films can not motivate the audience to come to theaters. One big film should take the risk. If the audience comes out and nothing happens, they will be motivated to come to the theaters for small films as well. But that can be risky for the movie which comes forward. So, it is a catch 22 situation,” Film Experts say.

“Audiences are already not interested in small films. They are likely to skip such films if they release initially,” they add. Considering all the factors, Nani and Sudheer Babu’s V should be the ideal film to test the waters in the current scenario but Dil Raju, a shrewd businessman is unlikely to take the risk. So, the question remains – Who Will Bell The Cat?