Telugu Director Krish's Exit Cost Rs. 30 Cr?Telugu director Krish has exited dignifiedly from Bollywood mega project ‘Manikarnika’ featuring Kangana Ranaut in the title role. He has been maintaining dignified silence since then and here is what we hear about the cost of his exit. Originally, the movie was planned to be made with a budget of Rs. 70 crores and now, due to Krish’s exit, the cost of the film has escalated to Rs. 100 crores.

Kangana Ranaut has taken over the direction and is reshooting some crucial portions of the movie. With Sonu Sood’s exit, she has to reshoot all the portions with another actor. Besides this reshoot, there is some patchwork, i.e., the transition scenes that need to be shot before the movie gets ready for post-production works. The makers are eager to complete the biopic and release it next year.

However, there is a popular opinion among the Bollywood circles that it’s Kangana’s interference that has been costing dearly for the movie in the making. This is the third film that has got Kangana involving herself and word getting out that her interference is not only escalating the budget but also angering the respective filmmakers. The makers of her next movie had reportedly signed a contract with her including a non-interference clause.