Yes, Bapu is no more. Bitter truth but to confirm that it is true and is painful to every Telugu heart who is associated with the world of literature. If Bapu is a colourful canvas with a beautiful picture, Ramana is the script for every unspoken word his canvas depicts. Bapu Ramana, though these are names of two different persons, they always lived as one throughout their literary sojourn as friends and colleagues in the film industry.

After Ramana passed away on 24th Feb, 2011, Bapu felt he is like a living corspe devoid of soul. Now, Bapu confirmed his berth near his soul Ramana leaving his phyical body forever. Our own Telugu epitome Bapu passed away on 31st August after suffering a lethal heart attack in Chennai leaving the whole Telugu community across the world mourning for the unrepairable loss. He is a multi-faceted talent who became popular as a cartoonist, painter, illustrator, music artist and designer. For common people he is a well known director whose movies are remarkable for Telugu nativity and beauty of Telugu language’s style and rhythm.

The present day generation might remember him for ‘Sri Rama Rajyam’ in 2011 and many other movies, once there had been a time when no magazine was there without publishing Bapu’s cartoons and paintings. If Mahatma Gandhi is the Bapu of the Nation, for Telugu people Bapu is whatever is called as pure and blemish free Telugu. We the team of extend out heartfelt condolenses and hope his soul Rests In Peace with his counterpart Ramana in the eternal world.