Talasani Srinivas Yadav - C Kalyan- Dil RajuEarlier this month, Telangana Cinematography Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav at a Telugu Film Industry event revealed that the shootings may begin from June First Week. The statement has raised the hopes on Industry folks but the minister watered down their hopes now.

“It will be a problem if we open now. I do not think even the Public is in a mood to watch films in theaters. Moreover, the seating pattern has to be changed to ensure social-distancing. Even though Multiplexes are ready for that, theaters in the district could not afford it. Even the exhibitors are divided on this So as of today, we are not in favor of reopening theatres for another 2-3 months. ,” he said.

Regarding the shootings, “Filmmakers and Serial makers have approached us but we have asked them to wait. Even though they shoot with restrictions, many from the cast and crew have to travel from different parts of the city to the shooting spot. They can not be sure who is COVID positive. It will be a risk. Even Serial makers were asked to wait for some more day,” Talasani said.

This will come as a huge disappointment to filmmakers who are at least hoping to start their shootings by June. The OTT Threat is making the Exhibition sector restless. They will also not cherish the news.