Teja-Cancelled-Audition-for-Venkatesh-Movie-&-Moved-onIt’s a known thing that Teja walked out of NTR’s biopic and he couldn’t even begin the project with Venkatesh. The director even took auditions for Venky’s movie but canceled the auditions on the second day.

According to a close aide of Teja, the director fired at the crowd and later canceled the auditions for Venky’s movie. Now, the director has moved on to his next with Bellamkonda Srinivas that was launched, recently. Kajal is playing the heroine alongside Bellamkonda Srinivas.

So, was the project with Venky put on hold for the time being or else canceled? Maybe. But, we have to wait until Venky’s movie gets officially launched. In the recent past, the scenario was quite different when Teja was in a dilemma if he had to take up Balakrishna’s movie first or else Venkatesh’s movie.