The first teaser trailer of Govindudu Andari Vadele is out finally. There have been lots of negative criticism for the kind of films Charan has been doing and that forced the actor to take up a lighter family drama. There were number of options even in this segment but the actor decided to do the film with well past by director Krishna Vamsi. This also drew lots of criticism. Was the directors choice worth it, well, the answer is here.

The first teaser of the film shows the class of the director all over it. The visuals carry the trademark style of the director and above all Ram Charan seems to be having a ball doing it. Irrespective of the box office fate of the film it seems assured that Ram Charan would be playing a character that will be devoid of his recent past one dimensional tone. This is something the fans have been looking for some time and would be pleased to see. Music by Yuvan also adds to the overall positivity.

Krishna Vamsi hasn’t delivered a success in long time. Will Charan enable him to his biggest success till date? The teaser makes the right impression and its now all up to the director and the final content that he delivers.