ThaggedheleDirector Srinivas Raju is ready with a new film after three years. It is titled Taggedhele, and the teaser of the movie is out.

Taggedhele stars Naveen Chandra in the lead. The teaser reveals the basic premise of the movie without any confusion. It is a murder mystery. The plot is about finding the killer. Through the short one-minute teaser, the director successfully introduces us to the various characters.

We also get a peep into the romance and a gang with familiar faces that look like the key to the whole murder angle. The dialogues further add to the intrigue. The background score by Chinna adds to the edge of the seat feeling. It goes well with the teaser cut.

Naveen Chandra has been around for a long time. Taggedhele looks like a good outing for him under the direction of Srinivas Raju. Divya Pillai and Ananya Sengupta are the female leads in the thriller.

Check out the teaser below. Ravi Shankar, Raja Raveender, Makrand Deshpande, and Naga Babu etc., play other vital roles. Charan Arjun provides the music while Chinna scores the BGM. Garry BH is the editor. We have to wait for the trailer next to know further about Thaggedhele and its release plans.