Team Baahubali's noteworthy gesture
How many filmmakers you have heard of have publicly credited their light boys or sound technician for the success of their films? It’s a rarity because most of the limelight of a film’s success is stolen by hero, director and other major artists but seldom importance is given to people behind the screens. But team ‘Baahubali’ is rewriting it by honoring every member of its team each week.

This week three background artists Ghouse, Lagaan and Srinu were credited as ‘Star of the Week’. On their Facebook page, Baahubali team posted that Last week, when there was an internal shortage of manpower, these 3 artists stepped up to make sure shoot starts on time. Not only did they dress themselves up early, they helped the costume department in dressing up the remaining 350-400 artists. This is usually a tough job as it involves dealing with tying shoes using pieces of cloth, necklaces, amulets and other jewelry items, thereby saving the day.

Wish all filmmakers take notice of this gesture and credit their team members because at the end of the day it’s small things like these that hold a film together or allow shooting to progress smoothly.