Telugu Desham Party and Lok Satta Party have both extended olive branches to Pawan Kalyan who has recently disclosed his interest in joining politics. At different meets organized by these parties, different leaders have expressed their opinion and said that they welcome Pawan Kalyan into their respective parties.

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Jayaprakash Narayanan had earlier said that he welcomes anyone passionate about people and politics into his party. He said that he has always been willing to provide platform to such people who have a voice of their own and has no problem with the actor joining his party. Similarly today Gali Muddu Krishnama Naidu said that their party is also open to such people joining them and would wholeheartedly welcome Pawan Kalyan or even Chiranjeevi if they wish to join Telugu Desham Party to do good for the people of the state. The offers are surely tempting however one has to wait and see which way the star swings.