Taxiwaala Takes Backseat – NOTA Begins CampaignAnd just like that, a new of Vijay Deverakonda is announced to arrive, and that is not Taxiwaala. The new film is NOTA, a Tamil-Telugu bilingual directed by Anand Shankar.

NOTA is a Tamil production that will also have a simultaneous release in Telugu. To give a recent example, it would be like Mahesh Babu’s Spyder. It means the primary sensibilities are going to be Tamil. With that in mind, NOTA is an exciting opportunity for Vijay Deverakonda to consolidate his position in Tamil Nadu after the blockbuster success of Geetha Govindam.

Anand Shankar is a talented young director. His first film Arima Nambi was remade into Telugu as Dynamite. The second one Inkokkadu came with considerable hype after a long time for Vikram. His plots are exciting. We have to see what he has in store with NOTA.

Unfortunately, NOTA’s arrival means Taxiwaala has been pushed again. The delay in release is going to weaken further, its commercial prospects. The promotional caption for the movie was centred on “Arriving on a Random day”, one couldn’t have thought then that the makers would turn the caption into a reality by indeed arriving on a random day because no one except them has a clue regarding the release.