Post the confirmation of the bifurcation of the state into two by the center, numerous fields and industries have started the discussion about the future prospects taking into the newly developed scenario. Films and film industry happens to be one of the important one of them and as expected many different voices are bring regarding the film industry and its future in the current state.

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Many believe that it would be difficult to simply relocate to another place on the spur of the moment and they remind that how it’s been very time consuming process to change the base of Telugu film industry from Chennai to Hyderabad. Even then few things have still remained in Chennai itself, they state. If that is the situation with a clear cut idea it would be much difficult today when it’s the same people the industry is catering too, many feel. Ultimately it will be the taxes and incentives given by governments that would decide the future course of Telugu cinema but for now and foreseeable future, there is no imminent threat seems to be the unanimous voice.