Tarun shifts his hope of revival to Veta

Tarun once seen as a bankable hero is no longer considered as a hero forget being bankable. The actor has been trying to make a comeback from sometime now but so far no luck is favoring him. Some of his releases are getting delayed making people to lose interest in them or they are just simply bad films which are being overlooked by people. One of the actors’s such long delayed project Yuddham, released past Friday and there seems to be not many who are aware of its release at all.

Now the actor is hoping that his next release Veta would do the trick. The film is expected to release in the coming week but nothing can be said with surety until it hits the cinemas. This too is a long delayed film from the actor but he wishing the content would do the trick here. The last film of Tarun that actually interested the audience was Sasirekha Parinayam and it was nearly five years ago. Let’s see what the future has in store for the actor.