Tapsee clarifies why she loves Ajith more than Rajinikanth
Celebrities are an easy target all the time as they generate more interest among the common people compared to the rest. And the easiest way to bring them under scanner is by simply misquoting or quoting things out of context than what the celebrity meant in the first place. The latest example of this misquote mess is actress Tapsee.

In a recent interview to a daily promoting her upcoming release, it was reported, the actress said that she loves Ajith more than Rajinikanth. However the actress said that in the context of off screen behavior where having worked with Ajith on Arrambam, she was bowled over by the attitude of the star. The tabloid made it look like she is a bigger fan of Ajith than Rajinikanth, generally and in a comparative sense, which wasn’t what the actress originally intended. Tapsee when she came to know this clarified once again what she meant on the social networking site that she is part off. The actress really seems determined to not let things go out of hand, good job Tapsee on your part but remember the media always finds a way to twist.