Kaala-RajinikanthTamilnadu has been the home place for Rajini more than his birthplace. The actor is treated as the God in the state with hardcore fans and the releases of the star are celebrated like any festival in the state. All that fame seems to have gone wrong with the political entry of the star.

Rajini has been mum on his political entry for decades, and the actor suddenly burst the bubble by opening the political door and people thought his image will only rise with the step, but evidently, people are keeping the cinema and the politics distinctly. As if Kaala release doesn’t have enough issues, Rajini’s comments on the IPL ban in Chennai and the firing in Thoothukudi have gone very wrong with the Tamil people.

The defamation case filed by Kaala Karikaalan’s son is already there and these political glitches have created a fatal environment for the film’s release. Looks like it is not the same now for Rajini’s films, they are treated according to the political health of the superstar. We will have to wait for the release of Kaala to see if the actor Rajini dominates the Political Rajini.