Tamil TV Actress Jayalakshmi Offered 3 Lakh Per Day for High-Profile ClientsThere is no hiding the fact that there are some people who try to make money through prostitution trying to lure the actresses to serve the high-profile clients. Tamil actress Jayalakshmi lodged a complaint with Chennai police when she encountered the pimps through the social media.

She received a message from an unknown number saying that they are running a ‘Dating & Relationship Services’ and the actress was offered Rs 30,000 to Rs 3,00,000 per day if she accepts to register with them. Jayalakshmi blocked the number only to receive a similar message from another unknown number.

Immediately, she lodged a complaint with the Chennai city police who plunged into action, caught hold of the miscreants who were behind this bidding to the actress and the accused were remanded into judicial custody. Jayalakshmi indeed took a bold step to lodge a complaint instead of ignoring the messages.