Tamil Thambis Illogical Comparison With SSR, NeelRajamouli and Prashanth Neel have hit the bullseye with RRR and KGF 2 respectively. They delivered the two real box office blockbusters of 2022. Meanwhile, Tamil cinema fans appear to be feeling that they are lagging behind in this aspect.

Now, Tamil fans are making an illogical comparison. They are comparing Lokesh Kanagaraj of Kaithi, Master, and Vikram fame with Rajamouli and KGF 2. Tamil social media groups are saying Lokesh is to Tamil cinema, what Rajamouli and Prashanth are to Telugu and Kannada respectively. They say Lokesh is no less than the other two star directors.

Firstly, Rajamouli and Neel have specialized in larger-than-life films. Rajamouli, in particular, is incomparable in this regard, given his impeccable consistency.

There is no downplaying Lokesh, but his only spotless work is Kaithi. Vikram is good in parts, but as a whole, it is a mediocre film. It takes much more than this for a director to be even compared to Neel, let alone Rajamouli.

Rajamouli and Neel have delivered Rs 1000 crore box office blockbusters and Lokesh hasn’t even come close to this. Tamil Thambis are now making an illogical compression between Lokesh, Rajamouli, and Neel. Maybe this is coming out of the frustration that Telugu and Kannada cinema has produced Rs 1000 crore grossers and Tamil cinema is miles behind.