Tamil Nadu Politics Impacting Jr NTR Temper Remake AyogyaThe Tamil remake ‘Ayogya’ of NTR‘s blockbuster ‘Temper’ seems to be getting into political space due to controversies. Going by the teaser and the trailer of the movie, Vishal has done a good job as it looks like a faithful remake of the original but lacks the impact on the face of it and the shock value that the original had.

While the poster of the movie courted a different controversy with regard to the Khaki conduct, now we have another controversy. Tamil Nadu politicians had objections with regard to one dialogue in the trailer and they the dialogue removed, eventually. Though the dialogue will not be there in the trailer playing the theatres, it would be certainly there in the digital version of the trailer.

The movie deals with several issues like the law and order situation, also the concerns with regard to a rape victim, and how the loopholes in the law can be used by rapists to get away through them. That could mean, there would be more controversies after the film’s release. Anyway, these political controversies are good for ‘Ayogya’ as we have seen how several average films turned out into blockbusters by the virtue of the political controversies they had courted.