Tamil Industry Closely Watching Tollywood's Weakness!Post-pandemic, the failure of medium and small-budget films from Tollywood is worrying filmmakers. But it has been noticed that Tamil trade experts are also keeping a close look at the Tollywood movie business.

The recent failures of films like Ante Sundaraniki, Virata Parvam, and others are making people discuss the fate of small and medium range films in the future.

Some Tamil industry experts are saying on social media that releasing these films on the OTT domain within two to three weeks after the theatrical release is one of the main reasons.

Some trade experts are saying that the poor content of these films has to be blamed more than anything else. The audience is not ready to accept anything that is substandard.

While some are also saying that OTT has turned into a boon for such mid and small-range films, there are too many films getting made in the industry, and all of them can’t afford a theatrical release due to high theatre outings costs, piracy & no coordination among industries. There is also the theater mafia, because of which most of these films don’t even get proper screens.

They say that due to OTT, at least there is a certain business for notable films from digital rights. The experts say that small films always struggle irrespective of any scenario. Only the best & luckiest survive!

It seems that the Kollywood industry people are learning lessons from the success and failure of Tollywood films. But our Tollywood makers are still living in a bubble and are not coming up with the right strategy to survive.