Tamil Fans Overjoyed With RRR RejectionIndians suffered a major disappointment when the news came out that SS Rajamouli’s RRR got snubbed by the Indian jury and a Gujarati film Chhello Show got selected as India’s official entry for Oscar 2023.

But one section of the audience was enjoying the rejection. The Tamil cinema fans were overjoyed when the news came out that RRR has been rejected by the Indian government as the Oscar entry.

They have been jealous of the way the Telugu film industry has been creating records left, right, and center since the Baahubali days. The phenomenal success of the Baahubali series and Pushpa on a pan-India level was difficult to digest for Tamil cinema fans.

And then came RRR, which created a global impact and became a phenomenon based on its cinematic brilliance. The kind of reception it received especially after its digital premiere on Netflix was unprecedented.

The film put the Indian cinema industry on a high pedestal in front of the International audience and all the credit went to a Telugu film, Telugu director, and Telugu stars.

Tamil movie industry on the other hand has failed to make any kind of impact beyond Tamil Nadu. Their attempts like Master, Beast, Valimai, and even Vikram (a flop in Hindi) fell flat on their faces.

So when RRR got rejected for the Oscar race, Tamil cinema fans were particularly happy but they should realize that all is not over for RRR yet.

The window might have closed, but it seems the door is now wide open for RRR. Depending on further campaigning and positioning, RRR has a chance to break into other categories like Best Picture, Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Director, among many others.

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