Tamil-Arjun-Reddy-Makers-Showing--GutsTamil ‘Arjun Reddy’ aka ‘Adithya Varma‘ is releasing on 22nd November in India and the makers took quite a gutsy decision to release the movie on 21st November across the world. That means the makers are taking the risk.

One day before the release in India, the talk will be out from the paid premiere shows from the rest of the world on 21st November. If the word of mouth is good, there wouldn’t be any stopping for the movie.

However, poor talk from the premieres will damage the movie to any extent that one can’t do anything about it. This strategy has proved damaging several times when biggies decided to go for overseas releases before their release in the home turf.

But, if the opening talk is good, there would be nothing like it that can boost the openings to another level. Let’s hope that this strategy would help Dhruv Varma. The story is a known one and everything depends on how the director has delivered on the screen.