Tamil Actors Slam Tamil Nadu Politicians on Social Media

The way the voting went today in Assembly with Tamilnadu leaders, it decreased the left over hope of the people. Tamil actors one by one are coming out and expressing their disappointment on the political mishap that the leaders made.

Kamal Hassan once again taunted the leaders that have presented the opposite of assembly etiquettes today. He tweeted asking people to welcome the leaders with the respect that they deserve. His tweets mocked the politicians who have broken the furniture and plucked the microphones in the assembly.

Arvind Swamy suggested a re-election in he current circumstances. Not just Kamal and Arvind but also Siddarth too commented on the drama that India witnessed today on television. While Siddarth says It is time to put more salt in food, G.V tweeted that all should remember the love the leaders shown today and show the same love towards them soon in the same way.

Will the drama end at least now with the appointment of new CM? Or there is more to come?