Tamanna on Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena

Heroine Tamannaah is always in demand for the launch of one store or the other despite very few of her films releasing lately in Telugu. She was recently seen at one such launch of a fashion store in Hyderabad called Krushna. The actress as expected was the center of all attraction and managed to take the spotlight away from other celebrities who attended the opening of the store.

It was at this launch the press swarmed her with questions and one of them included her views on the political entrance of Pawan Kalyan. The actress politely refused to answer the question and almost kept mum but finally revealed that she has no clue about politics and that she is managing with very little knowledge about it. Tamannaah has in the past paired up with Pawan Kalyan in the film Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu, which interestingly was a politically loaded film. Wonder if she had any clue about what was happening in that film, going by the statement she has given now. What do you think?