Tamannaah-Bhatia's-Scintillating-Waist-Show---Abhinetry-2Tamannaah has shown off all her best dance in many of her songs that were dance-based. When we thought that there wouldn’t be anything better than what we have watched till now. But, Tamannaah has definitely put up a dazzling dance show that will make us wonder, how flexible she is!

The glamour dose in the dance song is very heavy and, we can assure you that you aren’t going to complain about it rather you would be enjoying it. This latest song is from Tamannah’s movie with Prabhudeva ‘Abhinetry 2’, the sequel of the super hit movie with the same title.

‘Ready Ready’ video song will make Tamannaah’s fans excited for the visual feast she has offered with her scintillating dance moves. She must be having some inbuilt springlike device in her body naturally, otherwise, how can the actress twist her body as she likes? Vijay is the director of this horror comedy that is expected to arrive soon in the theatres.