Tamannaah testing COVID – 19 was one of the most unhappy events for her die-hard fans who are waiting for her to return to work after recuperating from her illness. The actress was hospitalized initially and then was moved to house isolation.

Now, past those 15 days of house isolation, Tamannaah sees the need to get back to work as if can’t afford to take a break. However, the actress wants to take a few more days for her as self-rehabilitation to get back to total normal health and build immunity.

Unlike others who say that they have endured the pain with not much difficulty, Tamannaah felt hers were tough times in the hospital with both physical and emotional strain. Though her fans want her back on the sets, they wound also want her to get back to normal health first.

Speaking from her experience, Tamannaah appealed to people not to ignore any symptoms and immediately seek medical help. Anyway, happy to know that she is taking care of herself and trying self-rehabilitation. That’s nice before resuming her work.