Seems the topic on Tamanna’s absence in Mahesh Babu’s ‘Aagadu’ audio launch event isn’t going to die any time soon. The rumour mills are buzzing that Tamanna and Srinu Vaitla have differences and that is the reason why she is even missed out totally in the trailers of ‘Aagadu’. Isn’t that enough for the gossip mongers to spread fake news?

But the film maker’s strategy is apparently a different one. According to the insiders, Srinu deliberately missed Tamanna in the latest trailers of the movie. Glimpses of the song ‘Bhelpuri’ reveal that Tamanna has sported a gorgeous and ultra glam hot look for the movie. Hence the makers doesn’t want to over do her look and too much publicity will kill the thrill of watching her glamour on silver screen directly.

There is even a talk that the unit is very much confident that Tamanna’s glamour treat in ‘Aagadu’ is going to benifit her maximum in Tollywood. Since her Bollywood career is in rocks, she now will have all the oppurtunities and time to act with big heroes and big films in Tollywood. Even Tamanna’s fans are waiting for ‘Aagadu’s release as much as Mahesh’s fans. Tammu’s glamour show always did wonders at box-office in TFI.