suriya-tamannaIt is not only Tamanna, but lakhs of his female fans in South India might have felt the same when they heard the news that Surya is going to get married to Jyothika in 2006. Many would have felt heart broken. When asked what she likes about Surya, Tamanna said that his caring on sets and how he supported her when she was low one day is what she likes in him.

Speaking on what she disliked about him, Tamanna said that he being married already is heart breaking and this is what she felt bad about him. The same way she expressed her views on other heroes even. In case of Bunny, she felt good for his protective nature and bad for not being in touch with her lately. For Ram, she feels good for sharing her passion for dogs and bad for laughing at everything.

For Prabhas, he is a good friend, but feels bad that he is on strict diet and doesn’t eat his lunch with Tamanna though he makes sure to bring her favourite, Biryani. She appealed to Prabhas who she lovingly addressed as ‘Pabji’ to have food alongwith her because she feels bad to see him not sharing biryani with her. Tamanna’s episode of ‘Konchem Touch lo Vunte Chepta’ was a fun filled one with many lighter moments and Tamanna carrying herself in a graceful manner.