Yesteryear movie lovers can trace back to 1981 when the movie ‘Agni Poolu’ starring Rebel star Krishnam Raju, Jayaprada and Jayasudha was released. The snake dance picturised on Jayaprada ‘Priyudaa Paraaka Priyatamaa Paraakaa..’, created a sensation of the sorts for the sizzling sensuous snake dance. Till date the song remains as a reference to such erotic dances on reptile like sensuous movements.

The same way Sridevi too banked on snake dance in her Bollywood superhit movie ‘Nageena’ released in 1986. The reptile movements picturised on her for the song ‘Main Tera Dushman..’ blew away the senses of the audiences those days. Instead of creating fear, her reptile like snake dance created awe for her voluptuous figure and sinuous dance steps.

Coming to the present, milky beauty Tamanna expressed her fascination for Nagin kind of roles like playing a snake goddess or playing around with snakes. At the same time Tamanna is totally frightened of snakes and hence would never take up snake roles because she couldn’t imagine herself playing around with snakes. Going by Tamanna’s skin tone and light color of her eyes, she would become a perfect sensuous snake goddess. What say folks?