Showoff Star Vijay DeverakondaTollywood heartthrob Vijay Deverakonda is one of the most followed Telugu actors on social media. But the common opinion is that he is going a tad overboard with his latest posts on social media.

If we take a look at Vijay’s recent social media feed, it can be understood that he is trying hard to attain the style icon image. He is extensively sharing snaps of himself in designer wear outfits.

These overtly aggressive self-promotions and PR exercises can eventually lead to a dent in one’s image.

People might get fed up with these self-elevation posts and that is not what Vijay Deverakonda at this point of time in his career. If this continues, people might start calling him showoff star, if they aren’t already, an observer opined.

A few social media users are commenting that Vijay should rather focus more on his career rather than the odd-looking PR exercise.