Allu Arjun PrabhasAs it appears, Allu Arjun ended 2021 on a high, and Prabhas has started of 2022 on a rather dull note. Allu Arjun’s Pushpa fared surprisingly well in the Hindi circuit, while Prabhas’s Radhe Shyam opened on a poor note in the Northern circuit and is showing signs of improvement whatsoever.

In one of Allu Arjun’s promotional interviews ahead of Pushpa’s release, he said “I don’t want to plan my upcoming films with the ‘pan-India’ image in mind. My opinion is that a great Telugu cinema will be watched all over if it comes with the right content. Authenticity is the key here. If I concentrate on authentic Telugu films, the applause from other audiences is likely to follow. I can’t pollute my films with the sensibilities of pan-India audience in mind.”

Now, netizens are commenting that this is the kind of clarity that Prabhas is lacking. The common opinion is that Prabhas is on a mission to appease the Bollywood audience. They say Radhe Shyam is a Bollywood-flavored love drama that is far from Telugu nativity and Prabhas should instead focus on this aspect.

If we observe the trend, the Hindi audience are looking for proper Telugu commercial potboilers. The fact that Pushpa, a rustic actioner set in a rural AP backdrop proves the same. This has led to an opinion that there is no point in running after catering to Bollywood audience with class films while they are looking for authentic Telugu commercial films.

In accordance, Prabhas has set up a project with Maruthi and this is billed to be a proper Telugu commercial entertainer. He appears to have understood the paradigm.