Talk: Pooja's Cover Up For Hero Fails BadlyThe pre-release event of Tamil superstar Vijay’s Beast was held in Hyderabad a short while ago. But this event drew more flak than positive reception from the Telugu crowd and here’s why.

Vijay , who has attained a good market in Telugu states did not even attend the Beast event today. Instead, Pooja Hegde, music director Anirudh, and director Nelson attended the event. Speaking at the event, Pooja said “Vijay sir, I don’t know if you are watching this event but we all miss you. Everyone at the event misses you. I wish to work with you again.”

While the Telugu crowd on social media is already furious with Vijay for skipping the event, Pooja’s cover up story has added fuel to the fire.

“Tamil industry is jealous of Telugu cinema going pan-India. But their heroes don’t even come to Telugu states for promotions. On top of that, Pooja is saying everyone misses Vijay. He hadn’t even attended any major Telugu event in the recent past. Why would anyone here miss him?” an anguished netizen commented.

Social media users were already fuming on Vijay for skipping Telugu event, despite enjoying decent market in the Telugu states. So, Pooja’s “We miss you Vijay sir” cover up story failed badly.