Talk: Nani Will Break That Myth!Nani released the teaser of his new film Ante Sundariniki yesterday. The romantic comedy drew decent attention from the audience with its fun proceedings and unique star cast. The way director Vivek Athreya addressed a routine inter-caste love story looked new in the promo.

Thanks to the teaser, if the full-length film also works, Ante Sundaraniki can work big at the box office in the south. Generally, in the last year or so only action biggies have worked at the box office.

But such rom-coms like Ante Sundariniki always work if narrated well. It was proved recently with DJ Tillu. Though the film is not in the same genre exactly, the comedy and songs made the film a hit.

Similarly, Ante Sundariniki also needs hit songs and interesting promotions to work at the box office. Looking at the way Nani and his team are going all out, Nani will most certainly break the myth and prove that feel-good romantic dramas can also work at the box office.